October 17, 2010

fall/winter 2010/2011

hello again,

i know that everyone has been so mad
about the new collection about spring and summer,
but it's still winter, and I want to enjoy it.
so, my posts are going to be for winter.
at least, most of them.

You can always watch
FASHION WEEK 2010 - fall winter - London <3
which I think is eccentric without
being rediculous. actually, i always
thought that in runways the clothes are
matched in a way they shout and that no
loyal man/woman would wear them this way.
despite that, this year's fashion week,
was not like that, and this is why I loved it.

This winter the bright colors are not out -
but not totally in. If you are a fan of a bright
color you can always match it with something
not so bright, and make it preppy and chic.
Also ,if you are attracted by only one bright
color (such as red) ,you can make it you signature color,
and you can always wear it ,as an accesorie, a headband, OR a ring.
If your favorite colors do not suit you, then you can of course wear them
in things far from your face. :)

Floral, Lace, Dots, Blue-White Stripes and Animal Prints
are totally in. BUT this is a trend you should be careful with.
Too much of it ,could look really cheap and kitsch.
In my opinion, less is more. Chose only one of the above
and wear it with simple accesories/ rest of clothes.

High-Waisted skirts, shorts and trousers are in again
this year. I would prefer the high waisted one simple with
a shirt or maybe an off-shoulder pullover inside it getting the
attention it needs to.

Jeans are always in. You can have one casual,
one for special occasions, one for coffee and to cut a long
story short, jeans are the most convenient cloth in the world :)
Should be in your closet, no matter what type of style you have.

Tights especially Opaque ones, are really in,
in many colors. I would suggest black opaque, red opaque
navy blue, grey and maybe brown as well. One in the skin's color
is a must as well. If your legs are really thin, long and skinny,
you can also try white ones, but keep in mind that white and light pink
will make your legs look fatter.

Knee high socks and over the knee are very chic and in, too.
With knee high boots or ankle boots, they would look great.

About shoes now, I believe that simple are the best, again.
DON'Ts : colorful and overloaded platforms, red high-heels
DOs : almost everything left. Dr Martens and Oxford are back in.
Black high-heels and/or platforms, peep toe, flats with a little bow
(i am chasing them for a long time), ankle boots with heels, nike millenium, uggs and of course CONVERSE ALL STAR.

Next, come accesories, which this year play an important role
in our appearnece. In this case, the opposite is true. Our clothes, and shoes should be
simple but our accesories must stand out. Especially in are pearls (earrings and bracelets better) , huge necklaces, headbands (with bows), scarves. necklaces with clocks, huge rings and vintage accesories.

Bags, on the other hand, i believe they should be OVERSIZED. Good colors are black, grey, brown and I would love blue electric, as well. Clutches are in, too and bags like Chanel 2.55

*in spite all those, I believe that everyone has their own style,
so you shouldn't copy and follow the fashion. you should take what bests fits
you, and then make it yours. because if you just go with the flow
you will never feel the feeling that something is yours, and it's your signature.
maybe, this year your signature is not "in" . maybe it is even out, but that's
good. you like it you think it's beautiful, you wear it. don't waste time
thinking of what others think of you, 'cause that's excactly what they are thinking
as well.

Keep it chic and keep it yours,
Chic Girl

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