October 31, 2010

a taste of me

hello people,
i wanted this blog to be personal,
and i just noticed i still haven't uploaded
my photosoots. so here you are,
three of my fav looks :)

truth is, these outfits are nothing special.
but come on, i don't like to be eccentric,
and i love to just have one "crazy" detail at time.

1st picture : headband, black top, oversized pullover, blue with white dots bra - H&M , jeans - BSK
2nd picture : coat - random shop in Athens, tights - H&M
3rd picture : tights, jacket, skirt - H&M, oversized shirt - Tally Weijl, white heart shaped necklace - Spicy Accesories



  1. όμορφη (:
    η 3η μου αρεσει πολύύ.

  2. I love your coat in the 2nd picture <3