November 13, 2010

what she wanted / what she had


It was a rainny day. She was in a cafeteria, drinking a cup of hot chocolate.
She wore her black coat, her black high-heels and her favorite skirt. She felt comfortable in this outfit.
This outfit, was actually her. She smiled, when the door opened. C, love of her life, came inside. He saw her and went to her table. They kissed, he paid and they left for their home. She was happy.


It was a hot day. She was in a cafeteria, drinking a milkshake.
She wore a white top, a pair of jeans and her all-star. She felt very uncomfortable in the jeans,
as they were tight and she was chubby. She looked fast when the door opened and then pretended she hadn't seen C, love of her life, coming inside with his girlfriend. He saw her and he fooled her. Then, he and his girlfriend started laughing. C kissed his girlfriend. Continued laughing. She stood up and left from the cafeteria crying. She was miserable.

*this is nothing like the previous posts. I had no time to photoshoot, so I just wrote this text. The situation I am in right now is like the "she's" of the story. I hope you like it. These days I am not really fine, so that's the only thing I can do.


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