December 14, 2010

Dance Fever.

Hello again.
This is going to be a very different post, in which I want to tell you about my life.
I am 15 years old, living in Greece and I am obsessed with fashion.
I believe that someone's clothes (when they can afford it) express their personality and their character, also the type of mysic they like. So ,let's face it, appearance has an important role on what we think of others.
I used to have some health problems and some kind of anorexia, because i love to be model thin -but now I am okay, although I still believe I need a diet. A real one.
I listen to rock and classical music. My hobbies are photography, chit-chatting on the phone and of course dancing. I take dance classes (ballet, modern and contemporary).
To tell the truth, I suck at contemporary dance ,but this is the only thing I have never gave up.
Anyway, this year, Special Olympics are held in Athens, and I was chosen by my dance school to dance at the Openning and Ending ceremony(:
This Tuesday, Fokas Evagelinos, a famous choroegrapher will come and talk to us.
I am way too nervous. I have no clue what I should wear. How should I look like? Casual chic -that's what I am thinking about. Looking cute but comfortable and ready to dance. What is your opinion? Please, let me know!
Naaaa.. I am way too nervous 'bout that !!

keep it chic,

1 comment:

  1. Oh you're soooo lucky :D
    Congrats ;)
    And I agree for the casual-chic outfit :)