December 22, 2010

So much drama in our lives

Hmm... Well, this post is more like "getting to know my subs".
Since we were young, we were told about the prince. The perfect guy ,who will love us from the first sight and we will always be together. (Disney cartoons-.-) But, as we grow up, most of us believe that the guys who tease us like us. That's what our mom says because she can't say : "no he doesn't like you honey, he hates you". And like this ,we start liking people that hate us ,and people we have no hope to be together with. And we are hurt. A lot. And then, convinced that there is no perfect guy, we just have one night stands. And the cosmo calls us whores. But ,we have to find out, is there the prince? And is there one for each of us? Even if we are uggly fags?

Have you found your prince? The love of your life?
If yes, are you still together? How is he? Is he what you had been dreaming of?
If not, how do you imagine him? Does he look like any famous person?

I've met 2 guys who I thought I was in love with (one of them really older and the other one my age).
I don't really know what i feel for them. Still, I am not really over them but not really into them either.
Desperation - Anda
1 - 0

The perfect guy for me, would be someone like Chuck Bass :$
Gorgeous guy. And good looking. And good lover ;)

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