February 12, 2011

Party tonight.

Yeah ,I have a party tonight.
Oh ,who am I trying to fool? I will not have a good time ,I will be bored and tired and I will be allowed to stay until 1 o'clock. Yeah ,it's going to be so good :/
This week the only thing I am doing is eating and sleeping. Great. I have no mood to go to school ,go to dance ,go anywhere else than my home. I don't even wanna go to party. I would like to hang in a cafe with my friends ,but this crappy party ruined my plans. Well ,I know I should be thanking for actually having a party to go ,but really I am not in the mood. I would not go ,but I think it won't do any good. I will be what I always am. A shadow. I will go ,have fun, leave early and no one will remember that I was there.

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