February 9, 2011


What if? This question has been messing around in my brain. And what if the one what if the other?
Truth is ,I can't get it. Some parallel universes would be so cool and comfortable for everybody. And what if they existed? For God shake ,if you search all the "what ifs" you'll get crazy. What's wrong with these words anyway? Some stupid shallow words that can mean so fucking much. And you know what? I don't care what would have happened if I had done something else. I care about what happens with the decisions I have made. But still the question torches my head. What if (despite my different thoughts of so many years) there is something above us and It hates me? What if I am the wrong one? What if these are the battles I wanna give? What if I cause the whole thing to myself? What if I end up as my parents say I will? What if I am so shallow as everyone believes? What if I have lost all the human elements I had? What if I am useless? What if I am paranoid?
What if I die?


  1. ω σταματα να λες και εσυ what if.
    σιγα μην ειναι καποιος εκει π σε μισει. μη λες βλακειες. θα δειξει με τον καιρο τι θα γινει. μεχρι τοτε περιμενε, δε χρειαζεται να λες what if ;)