March 8, 2011


How the hell can I eat a piece of a damn chocolate cake and not feel guilty? And not cry for 2 hours?
I know people would call me mad if they knew ,but seriously ,a look in the mirror can make me sick. 
And I know it's not right ,I just know it. But the amount of food I consume is extremely big. And not big as saying 200 kcal. Big ,as saying 2000-3000 kcal.
And yes ,I deeply regret eating but I can't control it. 
I feel like going in the past and not eating at all.
I want to fast. I have to fast. I MUST fast.
Just close your mouth girl. Just do it. 


  1. σαν να το εγραψα εγώ :|

  2. Ο μεγαλυτερος μου φοβος ειναι ο καθρεπτης =/