March 12, 2011

Have you ever felt so disappointed by yourself that actually had wished to be someone else?
Like ,it's everything wrong with me. My body ,my height ,my weight ,my hair ,my teeth and my braces ,my lips ,my cheeks ,my face ,my EVERYTHING.
I don't really have something special about me. I am just a zombie. People say I am clever ,but really that's not true. I know how clever I am ,and I am not.
It's just what I've led them to believe ,that I'm a geek or something. Truth is ,I am a dumass.
I can't do anything right ,and now I am sick. I don't care ,I won't tell anyone in "real life" and it will be ok. I will go to my dance class (in which I am useless ,as well) and then come back home and eat =/
Shit. Shit. Shit with the eating. I need a hobbie ,one that I'll be good at. I need to be good at something ,aren't I?

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