July 2, 2011


One word ,ten letters.
Some of us reject it ,and claim that it just doesn't exist and that no one can reach it because simply ,it's a myth.
Some argue that the term "perfection" is different to each individual. So ,someone can reach someone else's perfection.
And then there are the other people ,in which I am among ,that fight for it. We would kill to achieve perfection. What's perfect to us ,each individual. But we are trying so hard ,forgetting anything else. Sometimes instead of trying to be perfect ,we try to seem perfect. Often ,we destroy ourselves. But is it worth it? Will we ever reach our perfection or will we be for ever trying?
To me perfection is being extremely skinny ,beautiful ,confident ,smart and funny. I don't think I'll ever be beautiful ... But is it worth trying for?
Probably yes. I try to seem perfect. Maybe in the end 
,I believe I am perfect ,too and I set myself free from dieting ,purging and fasting.

So one day I will be able to say "I was perfect"

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