July 29, 2011

Things I love about me

Since ,one of the previous posts was about what I hate I want to write the little things I like about myself.

Body :
>Wide shoulders
>Collarbones ,hipbones and spine stick out
>Almost flat tummy
>In the side of my tummy I do something like "curve" because my shoulders are wide and so is my ass.
>Hair everywhere but quite blonde and not easy to see
>Small hands
>Hair when I straighten them looks really nice

Face :
>No facial hair
>Normal nose
>Big lips/eyes
>Cute cheeks
>No pimples
>I look nice without make up on
>I look nice with make up on

Character / Others :
>I can convince easily
>Lie easily
>Say something really mean in a way it looks like just another negative thing
>Suspicious which can get me out of trouble (e.x when I get in the train at night i check all people's faces and always look around me if someone follows me)
>Gets ready for going out /at school quickly
>I think older than my age
>I have interests outside of school
>Gives perfect advice
>Idol of some girls
>I don't think that anyone hates me. They just ignore me if they don't like me.
>I will show you what you want to see
>I am so good at hiding what I feel ,which gets me out of awkward situations
>Doesn't talk a lot ,so doesn't become ridiculous
>Never trying too much

Well ,not all of them are good for others but they help me survive.

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