July 12, 2011


I started reading this book Wasted by Marya Hornbacher.
There are times I identify myself to it and that I am so excited that my heart beats fast ,like I am anxious or something.
Then ,there are also times that ensure me I am not anorectic or bulimic and I am just playing around!
Anyway ,I was inspired by this ,and I am thinking of writing something like a journal or diary.
Maybe send it as an article ,because I want to help people who have an ED or think they do and general problems.
Well ,I am just 15 and I get too excited. I mean ,no way I will end this or send this to any newspaper ,but I think it's worth the time.
What do you think? Please let me know ,and don't just ignore this post as you do with the others (sad face).

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