August 4, 2011

Friends are the family you chose for yourself

We have been together for 9 years.
 She has handled me that long! I love her!

the 4 of us again.
the last picture we took together before we
split up for holidays. In Monastiraki ,the center of
Athens. These girls make my life beautiful.
4 days trip to Thessaloniki.
Here we are ,the 4 of us being happy.
Although we fought a lot in the 4 days trip,
I had a great time.

First time to the sea for summer 2011!
Gone to a  whole day trip in Korinthos,
my village!
The guy on the left is someone I considered
friend but turned out to be an ass.
Still ,I like this picture!

And here is my only male best friend!
We are the 5 of us (girls and boy) and
we call ourselves thadas (it has to do with
our names' first letters). A random day at the sea.

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