August 28, 2011

Gossip Girl fever!

I  watched random episodes but never with the right ordalwayser. Well ,I started actually watching the first two seasons and finished yesterday! I am falling again for the series. Blair Waldorf has always been and still is a person I am inspired from. I love her and I am so jealous of her. My best-friend (who likes Serena) says I look quite like her ,and other people have told me ,too! Oh ,I wish I was her. Pretty ,thin ,smart ,rich ,spoiled. Chuck Bass of course! Arghhh ..I love them!
I have some Blair's quotes to share with you :
  • You can't make people love you, but you can make them fear you.
  • When the truth fails you, you have no choice but to abandon it. 
  • You know, I always knew you were a whore. But I never knew you were a liar.
  • You couldn't deal with the spotlight shining on me for once, could you? Because you take everything from me! You can't even help it. It's who you are. I just thought that maybe this time it would be different. I should have known I'd be wrong
  • My father left my mother for a 31-year-old model. A male model
  • Ladies, you can get your tiny brains to rest. Once again the world has proven - anything you can do, I can do better.


  1. μου την εχει σπασει το gg -πλεον- αλλα σιγουρα ειμαι με την b. και οχι με την s. :P