August 12, 2011

Setting priorities

Today I thought to myself ,that I can't die being unknown. One way or another I have to be famous. Maybe for being an excellent doctor and curing a serious disease ,or for just being an actress! I want to become famous world-wide. It's craziness and i am probably an over achiever but I have to. it's my dream and I must chase it.
I can't live in shade without being noticed by anyone. This has been my life at the moment but I am so willing to change that. Once ,one of my friends ,told me that I am such an interesting person that I could be the centre of attention and be known ,have a lot of friends blah blah. It's a big decision but I will go after it! I will be the best me I can.
Probably it will take time. I am eager to sacrifise this time. Meanwhile ,I will do my best at school so I could take a scholarship ,I will work on my looks ,I will work on my personality. I can do this ,I can be this flawless woman  that everyone looks up to. The one who lives life to the full ,whose 24 hours are more productive than anyone's else. I will let go and enjoy my life.
I have 2 legs ,2 arms ,2 eyes and 2 ears. I am perfectly healthy. I should stop whinning and start living :)

p.s I want this tatto it's so cute(:


  1. δε μου βγαζει το τατουαζ.
    επιτελους! αφιερωσε χρονο σε σενα,αλλα μην το παρακανεις. δεν εισαι υπερανθρωπος,πρεπει να ξεκουραζεσαι και να ηρεμεις!

    *λειπω διακοπες και μπαινω σπανια για αυτο δεν απαντω στις αναρτησεις σου.

  2. Το τατου ειναι love love laugh στα Κινεζικα!
    Ευχαριστω που παντα με στηριζεις! Εισαι απο τις μονες(:
    Οντως ,στην αρχη θα παθω αμοκ και θα προσπαθησω να γινω σουπερκοριτσι αλλα καποια στιγμη θα προσγειωθω (ελπιζω!)
    Καλα να περνας!