September 7, 2011

start over

It's easier than you think. I was in "love" with the same guy for so many years and was too scared of the unknown to go out with someone else. On Monday I went out with a guy through facebook. And he is like the perfect guy. He hasn't called me or talked to me ,but it's okay. I have accepted that fact. There is the voice telling me I should never eat again and when I am skinny hit on him again ,but I am trying to ignore it. And I am doing quite good. Once you make the decision to move on ,everything is easier! :)

1 comment:

    δεν θα κοιταξει αν εισαι σκιννυ.
    αν δεν του αρεσεις, δεν θα φταιει αυτο!
    μην μπαινεις σε αυτο το τρυπακι, βασικα ηδη εχεις μπει, απλα ΒΓΕΣ ΤΩΡΑ ΠΟΥ ΜΠΟΡΕΙΣ.