November 18, 2011

Am Novembre a Milano.

Greetings from Milan, Italy. I am here since yesterday with my mother, just to take a break from school, dad and whatever was annoying us. Now, I realize how much I miss G and that as long as he doesn't want to break up with me, I want to be with him. It is really pointless trying to have a better relationship than the one he had with A, and make him feel more for me. For once in my life I believe it is better to let my selfish self alone and just enjoy my feelings. Stop caring so much who he wants more, stop being so jealous. I want him, I am with him and that's all. If he doesn't feel the same way, well, I guess I can cry myself at night when we break up. Now that we are together, I have nothing to worry about. I can't trust his feelings, but I can trust his acts and I am sure he would never cheat on me, even now that I am miles away.
Anyway, enough about things that are back home. Here it is great. People are strange though, women are snobbish and men look at me and my mom in a strange way. I don't speak Italian so it is really weird when i hear people talking and looking at me, i feel like they are mocking me. Whatever, like they will see me again. As a town, it is wonderful. Traditional buildings, narrow streets that contrast with the shops of really expensive fashion houses. How much i wish i could buy things from there. I saw Duomo, a famous cathedral. So lovely it is. Great architecture. I eat italian food and mac all the time. Now I am at the hotel. I have taken some nice pictures, I will be uploading them when I go back home. I have no idea what to buy for my friends and G.
Actually for G, i found a perfume, Armani code for men, but it exists in Greece, too. I want something unique and special. My friends asked for fashion magazines, and I found one which is like a book, too. But this is only for one of my friends, S, for whom I found a fake fur jacket which i think she will like.
Ughhh, any ideas?

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  1. eeh sorry den exw idea :P
    alla xairomai pou pernas kala kai pou apofasises swsta gia ton G. epishs eisai PARA POLY TYXERH pou eisai italy <3
    thn latreuw. anyway kala na pernas kai ekei, polla filia na dwseis stn yperoxh ayth xwra :)