December 14, 2011

i've got pieces in my soul and a lover in my heart i can't deny

nothing more i can write right now. inactivity is still my main hobby. i am madly and deeply in love with G. i don't love him, but i am in love with him. we are having a great time. i want to talk to him every day and every second. i wanna be with him all the time. i don't know why i depend on him so much. maybe i shouldn't, i mean he still has feelings for A. But i still had some feelings for K, just that now i don't really care. i went in berlin with my dad, and then lost my camera. how stupider can a person get? i am doing nothing but enjoying my time with G. I think it can last, it should last. i hope for the best out of this relationship, he can help me recover or throw me deeper than ever. haven't purged/restricted since a lot of time, more than expected.

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